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As a child I always wanted Dr Martens boots.  My mother, intent on having a girly girl who liked heels and sandals, always refused and attached a certain social stigma to them.

Roll on a decade or so and you have me, still utterly in love with the Dr Martens range.  Before Xmas I hit a point in my life where I decided that I shouldn’t try to please others all the time.  My youngest child was coming up to two and I really felt like I had lost my identity.  No longer was I Lauren, I was just mummy.  But I never wanted that.  I wanted kids desperately but I never wanted to lose who I was.  So after a good shopping trip with my friend getting some clothes that would make me look 26 and not 45 I decided that I would finally get myself a pair of much lusted after Dr Martens boots.  Well I say get myself them, I told Darren that he was buying them for me for our 5th wedding anniversary!


I opted for the smooth black Dr Martens 1460’s and was ecstatic when they arrived.  I had worn Dr Martens shoes right through secondary school purely because they were hard-wearing and slipping on that boot reminded me of the painful process that is known as breaking them in!  For 3 days I hobbled and limped.  On the first day they felt ok but quite stiff, on the second they rubbed the front of my foot and on the 3rd they rubbed the back.  On the 4th day they felt amazing.


It has created an obsession.  No sooner had I broken them in did I decide that I wanted Dr Martens 1460 boots in Purple Shimmer.  Just as I was about to place said order I came across the Dr Martens Triumphs.  O.M.G.  These are on my want list.  On my EPIC LEVELS OF WANT list.  I went to buy them last month and everywhere had sold out of size 7.  I mean everywhere.  There wasn’t a website or shop that I didn’t search.  The other day I was having a browse and found ONE PAIR on Amazon.  How could this happen to me?  The week before payday.  Every day I am now checking to make sure that they don’t sell.   Providing they are still there on payday then they WILL be mine!


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