Love – Instagram

I adore Instagram.


It is the one place where I can post photos of absolute crap and not be slated for it.  I constantly have my phone or iPad in my hand taking photos of anything that catches my eye and I quite like to share what I think is cool and what not even if nobody really cares!

I am very visual nosey and love looking at other people’s photos.  No matter how obscure they mean something to the poster and I often spend a good chunk of time browsing the people that I follow or searching via the hashtags.


 I love the simplicity of it and that I can make pretty rubbish photos look half decent using the filters.  I don’t use the filters very often if I’m honest but it is nice to have them there if I want to add a bit of creative flare.


For me, it’s like another blog.  A creative outlet where I can share all of the things I love.