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In January I was on the hunt for a new bag because I was sick of my Iron Fist bag not working with my winter coat. After a failed shopping trip I came across a small range of satchels in a shop called The Pepper Tree in Reading. I thought they were a total bargain at only £30 and snatched one up in black polka dots.  I didn’t mind that it wasn’t real leather because I know how fickle I am with bags and didn’t want to fork out the money for real leather if it was going to end up at the back of my wardrobe within a few months. However 6 months down the line I’m still using it every day and wishing that I had saved that £30 to put towards a better quality bag.

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It wasn’t that much of an issue until I attended Cybher 2013 and received a pod bag from The Leather Satchel Co. as a gift. The quality of it compared to my bag is off the planet. It makes my sad little polka dot satchel look like it came from a pound shop!

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I adore it and even though I wasn’t massively keen on the orange when I first got it, it has grown on me daily.  I am waiting for a special occasion to use it because it doesn’t fit my iPad in and I can’t bring myself to leave that at home!

After seeing my friend Elaine’s larger satchel, I decided that my polka dot one doesn’t even cut it in size. It fits my iPad mini and purse in but that’s about it so my poor polka dot satchel is going to be cast out completely. As soon as I settle on a colour, although at the moment the purple in the picture at the top of the post is winning by a mile, I will be finding a new, bigger, real leather satchel and either investing in it myself or popping it on my birthday list!

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  1. After buying a polka dot bag because I saw yours…. I was so glad I took advantage of the Zatchels sale and grabbed a leather one. I am now saving up to buy a printed satchel from the leather satchel company!

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