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I’ve always been a huge lover of stationery.

Darren steers me away from the aisles in shops because he knows I will end up buying at least one notebook that really I don’t need.  I jot notes, I doodle, I stick things in – if someone were to find one of my books it probably wouldn’t make any sense to them but for me it’s my little creative outlet.  I am very visual and would much rather have something in front of me than swimming around in my brain where let’s face it, it will either get lost or keep me up at night!

So anyway, one night I was browsing Instagram just before settling down to sleep and my friend Georgia had posted a photo of a SMASH book.  I headed straight for Google and that’s where I stayed for the next 2 hours.  They are simply amazing.  Rather than write out a huge post about what a SMASH book is I will simply show you this –

Google led me to Hobby Craft where I went the very next day to start my own stash.  Luckily for the bank balance I took the 2 year old with me so couldn’t spend as many hours pawing through their stuff as I would have liked.  They had quite a big range so I did spend a long time trying to choose what I wanted but it did mean I could see the inside of the book before I bought it.  That was the only thing I didn’t like about browsing online for them.  My only disappointment was that they didn’t sell the SMASH book mini.


So here is my very first SMASH haul:


Of course it didn’t end there and I spent the next few days trawling through various shops picking up different bits and bobs to add to my craft collection and make my SMASH pages more appealing.


I’ve had pictures printed off and my SMASH book that was meant to be like a journal has become just a book of things that I love.  I still want the mini folio to keep in my bag and that one will act more like a journal.  But for now I’m off to YouTube for some more SMASHing inspiration!

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